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Additional Services

Every business has distinctive requirements to manage their employees. A full range of special features add-on services for you and your employees are available to match your unique requirements.

Below are some examples of the special needs that other clients have requested. But the list doesn't end here. PayUSA can help you effectively manage what's important to your business.

Required deductions can be calculated and third party payments and reports can be generated as they are scheduled for individual employees.

Personal Data Fields
Personal Data Fields enable you to keep track of more than just payroll data. Additional information screens with 144 fields to keep track of education, training, emergency contacts and more. You decide what information your organization needs to capture.

File Exports
Employee data can be formatted into an Excel or ASCII output file for use with other software programs. This eliminates manual data-entry into other vendor programs. Payroll data for current, MTD, QTD, YTD or a user defined date range can easily be generated.

Labor Distribution
Actual hours worked by individual employees can be allocated across departments or pay rates. This allows you to effectively track labor and expenses on employees that move between departments and pay rates.