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Electronic Payroll by PayUSA

Welcome to PayUSA, providing practical Internet payroll solutions to business owners around the nation. More and more companies are realizing that the time and energy it takes to process payroll simply isn't worth it, when there are affordable electronic payroll providers. Since 1969, our company has been working hard to ensure that we are offering our customers the best payroll solutions around, and with Online Employers, a web based payroll systems, we believe we have finally achieved our goal.

Online Employer enables business owners to maintain control over payroll processing while eliminating the hassle of actually doing the job themselves. All employers have to do is log into our secure network using the password of their choice and enter the employee information for your workers. Then, every pay period, just log on and enter the payroll data for that period. Once that information has been transmitted to us, we will compute employees' earnings and tax information within minutes. That information is then made available to employers to double-check for accuracy. Once our work is approved, wages can be issued via a check that can be printed in-house or wages can be directly deposited into employee accounts.

Fast, Easy, And Accurate Electronic Payroll Services
Our online payroll services also feature 24 hour access for both employers and employees to their payroll history. There is no better or easier way to compute and keep track of payroll than through an Internet payroll program from PayUSA.

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