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Web General Ledger

Now you can seamlessly apply payroll information to your general ledger. Web GL provides you or your accountant online access to payroll data with every payroll. You instantly save time, reduce errors, and increase flexibility with the General Ledger Reporting tools.

Wizards guide you through a one-time set up to map your accounts to your payroll. This helps you determine how the payroll is applied to your general ledger accounting whether you post net payroll as a lump sum or you send payroll information for each check number to individual accounts. You can even post earnings, taxes, and deductions to multiple accounts (Currently this option is only available to QuickBooks users).

Once you've set up your chart of accounts, we save your profile with your payroll information. After each payroll, we will instantly generate a file that is uploaded to the Internet to provide electronic payroll data that you can apply directly to your general ledger. It's that easy!

Benefits of Web GL include:

  • Direct interface over the web with QuickBooks 2002 or higher.
  • Flexible solution to chart total net pay or each paycheck.
  • Chart of Accounts is maintained over the web by you or your accountant.
  • Distribute payroll expenses to multiple accounts and/or departments.
  • Improve accuracy no double data entry.
  • Direct online access by your accountant or auditor.
  • New file uploaded to Web GL with every payroll.
  • No third party involvement to apply payroll data to your general ledger.