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Workers Comp

PayUSA offers a new and innovative solution to your Workers' Compensations coverage.

Pay As You Go is a unique way to offer Workers' Compensation coverage through your payroll. The benefits include:

  • Coverage with an A+ Rated Carrier
    - Hartford Insurance Company
  • Pay for Only the Coverage Used
    - Your premium is calculated only on the payroll for that pay cycle
  • Accurate Premium Calculation
    - After you hire a new employee, you classify the new employee in the appropriate class; the premium is then calculated for that class
  • No Lengthy Audits
    - Just a few questions at audit- No need to provide payroll information. PayUSA has already done all of the work
  • Easy Pay
    - Hartford sweeps the premium from your payroll(or other bank) account, eliminating the need to deal with Workers' Compensation bills